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i’m supposed to be drinking with my cousins but i am taking selfies and eating a tuna sammy shh don’t tell anyone


Gain weight triggered
Lose weight triggered
Stay the same weight triggered


walk home // outfit made up of thrifted/second hand items (excl choker and tights)


In case you missed it, I turned into Black Lady last night. Huehuehue.


Hullo I'm just a girl, a girl recovering from an eating disorder who loves art. I use this place to reblog things I love that inspire me to continue to create so I thank you for taking a look :) Everyone and a while I may even post some art but really this is just a place for me to relax and unwind,

Current Loves; Life, Marina & the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, American Horror Story, The Who, David Bowie, Drawing, Art, Music, Sleeping, Recovery, Dark Chocolate, Relaxing, Starbucks Iced Tea, Castaway Moon, Graceling, Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, Audrey Hepburn, Peter O' Toole, I'm a Cyborg and that's OK, Sailor Moon, Anime, Red River, Manga, Manwha, Josei, Shoujo, sitting and knitting, drawing really crappy art, and updating my craptastic tumblr :)

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